Wednesday, July 20, 2016

For my part I designed a T Shirt. At first I was going to design a poster, but I thought a T shirt would catch the audiences eye more. I put the logo on the front and then I put a saying underneath it. I did italicized letter with a lighter red. I made the font smaller because I wanted the logo to be the first thing the audience saw. On the back I put another saying with the same red to keep it consistent, but I made the letters more bold because that was the only thing on the back. I put it diagonally to make it more exciting and eye popping.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mis en scene

I want to do my scene from the movie shutter Island. In the movie the main character has a nightmare about his wife's death. He embraces her in his arms. She is covered in water head to toe. After holder her for a few minutes she explains to him that she has to go and she starts bleeding from her stomach. While he is begging her to stay, her body turns to ash and falls to the floor and he is still left holding the same position he was when he was holding her, but in the end there is nothing between his arms. I love this scene so much because I feel really sympathetic towards him and I thought it was beautifully filmed.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Martin Scorses

When I was in English 2010 the whole class was assigned a Director to study and write papers about. I got Martin Scorsese and at first I did not know who he was. After studying him and watching a couple of his movies I ended up falling in love his work.  The first movie I watched was   The Wolf of Wall Street, which was well made. It shows a man who becomes incredibly wealthy, but as a viewer, I quickly discovered that money does not buy happiness because His life falls apart. The movie had a great story and had an incredible cast.
I also really enjoyed Sutter Island. There was unique scenes in that movie that I thought were incredible.  I also liked the twist at the end.

composting my frame


This is a image I took of my apartment. The Picture follows the diagnal rule with the lines. I really like this picture because of the shading that goes along with it I like how all of the object in the photo are extremely uneven. It is light on one side, but very dark contrasting each other

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Axioms of Web Design

I was look for a web page that appealed to me in a positive way. I found many that I thought did an incredible job, but my favorite would have to be They have pictures and sayings in boxes and rectangle that line up together. I really like how  the first of the website is in red, and the bottom is blue and the writing is in a different language. I find it interesting that they have pictures of kids, but they also have cartoons pictures.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Design evolution

Good Design
This is an Example of good design. I am a big fan of gum, but orbit has never been my favorite, but I remember when these packs came out and I went crazy and bought many different flavors because they catch my eye with all of the colors and textures coming together. What really got me though was the designs and shapes in them. I can stare at each pack for a long time and try to figure out what is going on. I think the best thing they did though, they made it so when it was at the store you can only see a little corner of the design. To see the rest of the degin you had to by the gum. Hats off to them for that I bet they sold a lot of gum!                                                     

Bad Design

The Five gum is one of my favorite gums when it comes to flavor. The flavor is better than orbit by a long shot. But their design on the packs of gum are not appealing to the eye at all. There is no symbols or interesting shapes. Most of the box is just black. It is filled with a lot of negative space. It is not fun to buy because you know exactly what you are getting.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Contrast, Balance, Harmony

 I have always had a special place in my heart for airplanes, because growing up my mom was a flight attendent so I spent a lot of time at the airport where I would watch planes take off and others land.  I love this picture because it gives me a very peaceful feeling and takes me back to my childhood. The plane is balanced directly in the center, making it so the picture is not right or left side heavy. The shadow of the plane contrasts the sun that is placed in the background. The vertical, white lines that are coming from the road gives the picture energy. The lines coming off from the sun also gives the picture more excitement to it. The vertical lines are balanced out with the horizontal line way off in the distance.  This Picture is almost symmetrical, I am not the biggest fan of symmetrical picture, but I feel this picture pulled it off nicely. My eyes go directly to the light from the sun, which is in the middle, then I start noticing the shadows on the side.  The shadows coming off of the airplane makes it look more 3D.